Product instruction

Gumash Nourishing Hair Color is a henna based concept hair color which is in compliance with the Shariah. After a thorough examination on the ingredients that are permitted under syarak, it is Permissible in Ibadah

Use It With Confidence


Put on hand gloves, pour a tube of color cream 40 ml (1A) into a bottle of hair developer lotion 60 ml (1B). If you have a long hair, you may use up to two tubes of the color cream and mix with two bottles of the developer lotion.


Close hair developer lotion cap securely. Shake vigorously until mixture is completely blend.


Dispense the cream along the brush side of the comb line sufficiently.


Place towel over your shoulders. Part your hair into small, even sections. Apply color first to your roots and stubborn greys. Work through hair from root to tip to ensure full coverage. If any color gets on your skin, wipe it off immediately with a damp towel.


Leave on for 30 minutes or the time indicated by your Strand Test.

TIP : if your greys are really stubborn, it may be necessary to leave color on for up to 45 minutes.


Massage the hair thoroughly. Wash and rinse hair with water until water runs clear. Shampoo well and follow with conditioner. Rinse and towel dry your hair. Apply serum and style as usual.