We are an online hair color company built on integrity, innovation, and love for you and your hair color. We believe in a better way and we believe in beautiful naturally healthy-looking hair that all women and men deserve.

Hello Gorgeous,

Thank you for visiting gumashcolor.com, where we come as a community to celebrate the better choice in hair color. We want to present to you a hair colorant that is  Wudhu’ Compliance and ibadah-friendly with undeniable fine ingredients, while bringing confidence and assurance about quality and value.

It all started when we were faced by too many options, countless views and opinions about hair color that is Ibadah-friendly. As Muslims, we need to find the definite answer of which one to choose from. This journey eventually led us to create Gumash Hair Color, the Ultimate Solution, a Henna Based Concept Hair Color that is water absorbent, non-coating and free from paraben and ammonia. Natural, check. High-quality, check. Wudhu’ Compliance, check. Ibadah-friendly, check. We are working to produce more stylish colors to cater for all, women and men too!

We promise that you can use it without doubt. We promise that you will love your new vibrant and lustrous hair. We have put a lot of effort in the creation of Gumash Hair Color, but most importantly, we made it with love, with you in mind.  We hope you can feel it too, Love is in the Hair.

Syarifah Farah Gumash binti Syed Hussain Al-Medwahi,

CEO of   & the whole team